main session & summer

~2014-15 main session                    2013-14 Schedule                       Returning Student?

With the recital on the horizon new students are not typically enrolled in the spring
We are accepting enrollment for 3 spring break mini camps and our summer schedule will post soon
Our schedule for 2014-15 main session classes will be ready soon.   Click HERE for a chart explaining our levels.  Priority registration for students currently in our 2013-14 session began June 3
Former students and students enrolled in 2014 summer session began registering
Tuesday, June 10 
Students new to MDC may register starting Tuesday, June 24

Registration is all done online, except for Adult drop-in classes.  Our full 2014-15 calendar will be posted soon on our news and dates page. 

All tuition and fees for the entire year will be tallied together and divided into **10 equal budget billing payments.  These fees include:
          Class tuition        Annual Registration Fee        Family Recital Participation Fee        Recital Costume & Tights

We use a primarily automated payment system, by either electronic funds transfer system to draft monthly payments from your checking account via debit card or from your credit card.  For those selecting auto payments they will post on the 8th of the month.  You can also sign on to our secure online account portal and charge payment to your credit card yourself as long as it is done on or before the 7th.  If you would prefer to pay with cash or check in person or by mail you will still be able to do that as long as it is taken care of on the 7th of the month or before.  A $5 late fee will be applied if we receive your payment after the 10th.  Account statements are not sent out you can log in to the secure system at any time to check on your balance.   There will be a $25 service fee for all returned checks, paper or electronic.

Tuition details for our 2014-15 Main (school year) Session

Once you have registered online for a class or classes, we will email your class confirmation and payment amount to you.  We will follow that up with more detailed info sent to you by US Post.  We will charge your first (deposit) budget billing payment to the checking account or credit card you submitted during registration 1 week after your confirmation goes out.  If you prefer to pay your deposit with cash or check, be sure to let us know.  First payment must reach us within prior to the due date in your 1st statement if you prefer that it not be posted to your credit card.  Your next (2nd) payment will be due on September 7th.  Payments will then be monthly times 9, Sept. through May.  This system helps avoid confusion with different amounts and due dates and gives everyone an even amount to budget each month.    

If you would like to pay in full for the year you will receive a discount on your tuition.  This option is only available at the time of registration.  Full payments must be made by check or cash to receive this discount.

We will also offer a 3% discount to all those choosing to divide payments into 4 quarterly installments rather than the normal 10.

**We calculate annual fees into 10 payments for those registering June 1-August 10.  Those registering Aug 11-Sept 10 will be divided into 9 payments; Sept 11-Oct 10 into 8 payments; Oct 11-Nov 10 into 7 payments; Nov-11-Dec 10 into 6 payments.  (Anyone registering after Dec 10 will need to pay for their costumes in full up front.)

(Team & Company members- your budget billing payments will be due on the 1st and your team fees on the 15th.  Team fees are separate and in addition to your budget billing payments.)

~Summer 2014                                          

This summer we are offering 1 six week session in mid June and through July.  Most classes will meet once each week, some twice.  We offer a summer savings discount of 1 extra class for no extra charge-  6 classes for the price of 5.  We also have a Bring-A-Friend discount offer this summer for new students.  Sign up with a friend new to MDC and you both save a bit more!   Registration for summer began May 1st.

Summer 2014-  June 16-July 24