Happy February!  


One of our Favorite weeks of the year is this month!!

Valentine's Week is always so fun seeing lots of dads, and a few moms, join their daughters and sons in dance class.  Dad's when you're in the studio for class be sure to check the flyers for info on our special "Dads & Dancers" recital piece.  The dads numbers were a big hit in our 2016 & 2017 shows!  


We hope you'll join the fun for recital 2018!

Imagine That!
Mix & Match 1-Day Mini Camps

           for ages 4-8

~Be My Ballerina        ~Ballerina Bake Shop

     ~Trolls       ~Tropical Adventure

Sign up for 1 camp for $18
               or bundle all 4 for $60.

5 Week Sampler Sessions

   February 19-March 21

                        and April 9-May 9

Tiny Dancers for 3-4 yr olds

      Tumble Kids for 5-9 yr olds

            Hip-hop Kids for 5-9 yr olds

Performance Group News

Competition season 2018 is underway!  Our Upper Company dancers attended the Youth America Grand Prix competition and master classes in Pittsburgh last month.  They did great and we're very proud that they attended this prestigious event.


Next up for almost all of our competition dancers will be the Turn It Around event in Lebanon this month. In March we have Precision Arts competition in Louisville and our last one of the year will be Cathy Roe in Mason.

Our 8th annual Performance Group Showcase will be at Mason Middle School on Saturday, April 14.  Come out and see some great dancing!  This event is a chance to see all our Performance Group dancers perform all their competition dances in one afternoon show for family & friends. 


Parking Lot Reminder

PLEASE PARK IN THE MARKED SPACES WHEN PICKING UP YOUR DANCERS. DO NOT WAIT IN LINE IN THE DROP OFF LANE.  It is very hazardous to make our dancers exit the building through a line of cars.  And the long line down 5th St often hinders dancers arriving for class.  Dancers are getting to class late because they cannot turn in the lot. Please be courteous to others and park for pick up.

Snow & Ice Cancellations 

  This has been a very cold winter and we're hoping the worst of the wintry precipitation is behind us!  We've already had two snow days in January.  Those will be made up on Friday, Feb 16 and Monday, Feb 20th.  This had been scheduled as a long weekend on our calendar.  (We will still have Saturday, the 17th off.) 

Just in case more inclement weather is ahead, here's a reminder of our cancellation policy.  We DO NOT necessarily follow the local school system cancellations for inclement weather.  Our situation is much different than theirs, as we don't have big buses to worry about and we start later in the day often allowing the roads to be cleared after heavy overnight snows.   

Cancellations will emailed to you and will be posted on our Facebook page, our Twitter, Instragram & on our website.  Please check your email or social media before driving in during bad weather.  We post cancellations at least 90 min prior to classes.  If your area is in bad shape you can of course elect to come to a make-up class rather than venture out.  If we must cancel in the middle of the evening, we will make phone calls to let you know as early as possible.     
Cancelled classes will be made up in the Spring.  We allow for extra make-up days when calculating our calendar for the season.  (If not needed these extra days will be days off.)

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.  And thank you for sharing the joys of dance with your child!   Have a great week!  See you soon!

Sincerely, Ms Bobbi 
   and all the staff at Mason Dance Center

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