~annual registration fees   

The annual registration fee is $30 for the first child per family.  Families with two or more children in the same household are $50.  This registration fee covers our main session, September through June.  There is no registration fee for our Summer sessions or for our Adult students.  We accept new students into our main session through mid-January.  Adults may join class at any time.


All tuition and fees for the entire year will be tallied together and divided into **10 equal budget billing payments.  
These fees include:      Class tuition        Annual Registration Fee        Recital Costume & Tights

We use a primarily automated payment system, by either debit card or credit card.  For those selecting auto payments they will post on the 7th of the month.  You can also sign on to our secure online account portal and charge payment to your credit card yourself as long as it is done on or before the 6th.  If you would prefer to pay with cash or check in person or by mail you will still be able to do that as long as it is taken care of on the 6th of the month or before.  A $5 late fee will be applied if we receive your payment after the 10th.  Account statements are not sent out you can log in to the secure system at any time to check on your balance.   There will be a $25 service fee for all returned checks, paper or electronic.

Tuition details for our 2018-19 Main (school year) Session

Once you have registered online for a class or classes, you will receive an automated email confirming that your request is in the system  We will follow that up with more detailed info also via email.  We will charge your first (deposit) budget billing payment to the checking account or credit card you submitted during registration 1 week after your confirmation goes out.  If you prefer to pay your deposit with cash or check, be sure to let us know.  First payment must reach us within prior to the due date in your 1st statement if you prefer that it not be posted to your credit card.  Your next (2nd) payment will be due on September 7th.  Payments will then be monthly times 9, Sept. through May.  This system helps avoid confusion with different amounts and due dates and gives everyone an even amount to budget each month.    

If you would like to pay in full for the year you will receive a discount on your tuition.  This option is only available at the time of registration.  Full year payments must be made by check or cash to receive this discount.  Full year discount is 6% through November; 5% if registered after Dec 1.

We will also offer a 4% discount to all those choosing to divide payments into 2 semester installments rather than the normal 10.

**We calculate annual fees into 10 payments for those registering June 1-August 9.  Those registering Aug 11-Sept 9 will be divided into 9 payments; Sept 11-Oct 9 into 8 payments; Oct 11-Nov 9 into 7 payments; Nov-11-Dec 9 into 6 payments.  (Anyone registering after Dec 9 will need to pay for their costumes in full up front.)

(Performance Group & Company members- your budget billing payments will be due on the 1st and your group fees on the 15th.  Group fees are separate and in addition to your budget billing payments.

~missed classes 

Any missed classes may be made up in a similar class within one month of the absence.  Please check with your child's instructor for recommendations.  We Do Not Refund or Pro-Rate Tuition for Missed Classes.  Excessive absence, especially just prior to recital, is strongly discouraged.  Any student missing more than 6 classes without making up the missed work may be pulled from the recital.  Missing 2 or more classes or rehearsals just prior to the show may also mean a student will not be able to perform in the recital.


As a courtesy to the instructor and the rest of the class, please wait outside the door until the music stops and then enter quietly.  We understand that being late is sometimes unavoidable for all of us.  However, being more than five minutes late for class may mean being asked to observe rather than take class.  The final decision is at the discretion of the instructor.  This is not a disciplinary measure but rather is done with the student's best interests in mind - especially where higher level classes are concerned.  A student who misses the first few exercises of class runs the risk of injury by not being properly warmed up for class.  Please make sure that the student understands this- we have this policy because we care about their welfare. 


No chewing gum anywhere in our building.  No food or drinks in the classroom other than water.   Cell phones are to be turned off or set to silent during class.  Respect should be shown to the instructors, staff and fellow students at all times.  Respect should also be shown to the property of others and to the MDC studios and equipment.  Misconduct is not expected, nor will it be tolerated.

~dress code & regulations 

We have a dress code not only for aesthetic reasons but also to help the student and teacher better accomplish their goals in class.  Proper dance clothes are required for all classes, no street clothes.  Cover-ups may be worn at the beginning of class but must be removed by the end of the warm-up.  No dangling jewelry in class.  No gum, food or drinks other than water in class.  Students may be asked to sit out if they repeatedly ignore the dress code.  Proper dance shoes are also required (see list below).  Most dance shoes needed may be purchased in the studio for your convenience.   Students should not enter and leave the premises dressed in only a leotard and tights.  Please wear a “cover-up”.  To preserve your shoes and our dance floors, dance shoes are not be worn outside.   
Check out the great YouTube video below from the Anaheim Ballet showing 3 ways to put your hair in a ballet bun.   


open & combo class students
  • girls

    • Ballet Classes- Leotard with pink tights required for all classes.  Simple ballet skirts are permitted, No shorts.  Hair in a bun for all ballet above Debut/Encore level.

    • Jazz & Lyrical Classes- Leotard or unitard required for all classes.  Tights must be worn unless wearing pants at least to knee length; No bare legs.  May also wear a dance skirt, dance shorts, capris or jazz pants.

    • Tap & Hip-Hop Classes- MDC T-shirt or Tank (available at MDC) with leggings, capris or workout style pants.  Longer shorts okay.   

    • NO Street clothes, jean shorts, blue jeans, etc.  No bare midriffs.

    • Hair must be secured off the face and neck so not to flop into face.  A ponytail alone is not sufficient if hair can still swing into face; hair must be securely clipped to the head & off the face.

  • boys

    • Plain t-shirt with leggings, shorts or sweatpants.  Form fitting leggings preferred for all ballet.

    • No cargo pants. No jeans. No excessively baggy clothing.

adult classes

  • Comfortable work out clothes. 


performance group members, all levels


  • Black leotard with tan or pink tights and proper shoes required. Any visible supportive undergarments in black or nude only. 

  • Black shorts or black jazz pants permitted but may be asked to remove them after warm-up.  Black Company shirt or a plain Black, close-fitting T or tank are the only allowable tops for class and rehearsals.  Your instructors need to clearly see your body and lines to correct you.

  • Hair in a bun or similarly secured off the face and up off the neck.  A ponytail alone is not sufficient if hair can still swing into face; hair must be securely clipped to the head off the face.  Ballet students should wear hair in a bun.

    boys (also girls for tap or hip-hop rehearsal ONLY)

  • Black leggings, shorts or sweatpants with a black or purple MDC shirt.  No excessively baggy clothing


preprofessional ballet program students

    girls- ballet

  • Black leotard, any style.  Any visible supportive undergarments in nude or black only. 

  • Pink tights and pink ballet shoes only.  Tights are to be worn on the feet and under the leotard, please. 

  • Hair must be worn neatly in a secured bun.  No dangling jewelry.

  • Simple ballet skirts, knee length or shorter, may be worn only with the teacher's approval.  No shorts, No jazz skirts, No boxers.

  • Ballet warm-ups permitted, no sweats or other "junk" warm-ups.  Warm-ups are to be removed by the completion of barre work.

    girls- modern

  • Black leotard, any style.  Black convertible or footless tights. Bare feet.  Hair secured in a bun.


  • Plain white t-shirt with black form-fitting leggings or tights, white socks, black ballet shoes.  Bare feet for Modern.  No baggy gym shorts


~dance shoes required

We strongly recommend that you write your name in all your shoes!  They are often misplaced or left behind and they all look alike.  In Open classes, shoe color is not crucial for class.  What is important is that students do wear appropriate dance shoes in class.  However, please note the colors and types listed below are what will be required for performances.

 combos, debut, mini & petite levels
  • girls- pink ballet slippers & tan tap shoes

  • boys- black ballet slippers & black tap oxfords

  • girls- pink ballet slippers

  • boys- black ballet slippers

  • girls- tan, buckled tap shoes  
                    (1½” heels for level 2 +up)

  • boys- black tap oxfords

  • all- clean, canvas, retro-style,  
    white soled sneakers, preferably black.  
    Similar to those shown   

  jazz & musical theater jazz, tween & up
  • jazz- girls- tan jazz shoes

  • musical theater jazz girls- tan jazz shoes

  • boys- both classes- black jazz shoes

  modern & acro
  • girls & boys- bare feet  (acro warms up in sneakers, then changes to bare feet.)

  performance groups
  • color and style of shoes will be determined when costumes are chosen, usually not before October

Important Note on Ballet slippers - Beware the “ballet slippers” sold at Wal-Mart, Target and the like.  They have house shoes packaged as “ballet slippers”.  These are bedroom slippers, not dance shoes.  Real ballet slippers are usually leather, or sometimes canvas for advanced students, with pliable suede sole.   Dance shoes are required.

~withdrawal from mdc 

If you should need to withdraw prior to the start of classes in late August/early September all but a $15 service fee can be refunded.  Past mid-September, 15 days notice are required to stop further charges.  Should you need to withdraw once classes have started, registration and tuition for month withdrawing are non-refundable.  All costume fees are non-refundable after December 1st.  To withdraw from all classes and obligations, a completed  Withdrawal Form must be turned in to our office.  If a Withdrawal Form is not received 15 days prior, you are responsible for continuing to pay tuition and late fees until the Form is turned in regardless of attendance.  

~returned check fee

A service charge of $25.00 will be assessed for any returned checks, paper or electronic.

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