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our mission...   

    motivation, inspiration

                         & just plain fun!

Established in 1995, Mason Dance Center provides an opportunity for anyone, ages 3 through adult, to discover the joys of dance. 

Whether dancing just for the fun of it or training with a career in dance in mind, we do our best to help all our students reach their goals and their full potential as a dancer, and as a person.

We strive to offer our students an excellent dance education by providing caring, trained instructors, spacious classrooms and cushioned dance floors. 

We hope to show our students that the art of dancing is a pleasure that they can enjoy throughout their entire lives.

Proud International Dance Entrepreneurs Association (IDEA) Member: we believe dance training gives young people a better understanding of commitment through learning, teamwork, and hard work.
More Than Just Great Dancing™ is a licensed affiliation of 300+ global dance studios that go beyond technique to develop life skills including respect, confidence, and conscientiousness.
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