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Mason Dance Center is committed to providing its students with a great facility. Our spacious facility has a large lobby with CCTV for viewing and 4 dance rooms.  All of our dance rooms have special "floating" wood floors.  Constructed of two layers of plywood, laid out perpendicular to each other, the underside of each 4x8 sheet has 32 Robbins Bio-Pads so that the wood floats above the base floor and has the resiliency needed to help prevent injury and fatigue in our students and staff. In Room A and D, the wood layers are topped with Harlequin flooring. Room C has a top layer of Timberfloor from EFS, a beautiful wood-look flooring.  Room B has Adagio flooring from Rosco. This upper layer flooring, designed specifically for dancing, provides a good, slip-resistant surface.


Mason Dance Center lobby and front desk area with seating, tables, and toys for children
Mason Dance Center lobby and front desk area, including front door and TV with live camera feed of all four dance studios
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