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Private Lessons

Private lessons are an opportunity for dancers to receive one-on-one individualized attention from a teacher to meet their personal goals. Dancers can attend Private lessons once or twice, recurring weekly or bi-weekly. These are especially beneficial for dancers who need additional help with choreography in preparation for an upcoming performance or preparing for an audition.

  • One-on-one instruction with a teacher in studio based on time and availability

  • No End of Year Performance

  • One time, Recurring weekly, and Biweekly class options available

  • Instruction time can be tailored to achieve your personal goals whether it be technique, mastering a skill or as a substitute for a traditional class.

Why Private Lessons

  • Improve your technique

  • Build confidence

  • Master leaps and turns

  • Prepare for upcoming auditions

  • Increase flexibility

  • Prepare choreography for competitions or other performances


Lessons are usually scheduled in 30-minute increments.  For starting choreography or other specific purposes sometimes 45-60 minute lessons can be arranged.

Please also complete and submit a Private Lesson Request form for consideration.

Scheduling is coordinated through our front desk.

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